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We stand with children from Nakuru, Kenya, to help them build their own dreams.  Our kids are idealists, jokers, dancers, and optimists — and we are determined to help them escape poverty and get the top quality education they deserve.


We take a holistic approach to every child, providing support at each educational level to help the most vulnerable and impoverished kids get into school, achieve the best learning outcomes, and build their own dreams.



Rebecca, Zoe & Annemarieke

Founders & Directors

"Little by little, a little becomes a lot" - African Proverb

We are made up of determined individuals, from fundraisers and volunteers, to the teachers, parents and children of Nakuru, all working together to build a better future.

Join us, and be  a part of enormous change.


The Team in Kenya!

Florence, Joseph, Lucy, Serah & Maranga

Louise Hannah Holly emily


Sponsorship Co-Ordinator


Sells crafts for the kids!


Awesome fundraiser



Ran a marathon

Dorcas, Beatrice & Virginia 

Food programme cooks


Our Kids!

Working hard every day

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36 Wellington Walk



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Our projects are undertaken in close partnership with Nakuru Workers Primary School, Nyathuna Primary School and Giachong'e Primary School - public primary schools in the suburbs of the town. We respond to the needs of the local community, identified and analysed by our Kenyan project managers. Our project managers are all teachers at the school, and give up their time voluntarily, out of dedication and love for the children.

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Nakuru Workers Primary School

Nakuru Children's Project is a registered charity in England & Wales no. 1145739.

All content is copyright of Nakuru Children's Project 2013.


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Help Us Spread the Love!

Do you work in the media or know someone who does? Please help us share our story, and that of our children. The more people who know about us, the more children we can help! Get in touch at info@hakuna-matata.org.uk. Thank you!


2 Years In: Just the Beginning (2011)

And how far we've come since then!

Thank You For 2013!



Celebrating our progress as of 31st December 2013. Here's to an amazing 2014!

2014 was a huge year!



In 2014, your help directly impacted the lives of over 1200 children in Nakuru, Kenya. Here's to 2015!

100,000 meals



In August 2014, we hit 100,000 free lunches given to our children. That's 100,000 times that a child hasn't had to go hungry in class, 100,000 times that a child has been motivated to come to school, and 100,000 times that a child has known somebody is investing in their future. Thank you so much!