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We pay for the poorest and most vulnerable children to attend secondary school, through the help of amazing sponsors. We pay for high-quality schools where kids get education, three meals a day, and the chance to reach their dreams.


In Kenya, primary education is free. Secondary education is not. This means many children are forced to leave primary school at only 13-years-old with no prospects for the future. With no skills or qualifications to earn money, they are forced into manual labour and must do dangerous physical work for very little money. Many children end up living on the street, pregnant and in child marriages, and vulnerable to sexual exploitation.



Through education, our children are given the opportunity to build a better future for themselves. They all have massive dreams of becoming doctors, lawyers, even presidents, and work so hard in school to achieve these. By being in school, our children are more protected from the dangers of sexual exploitation, street life, drug abuse and child marriage. Their confidence and happiness increases dramatically, with new hope for their future.

Could you sponsor a child?

From only £10 a month you could transform a child's life and future.


If think you could sponsor a child, please click here to sign-up today. If you'd like more information, please contact us on info@hakuna-matata.org.uk or 07795360041, with no obligation.


Our sponsors receive termly updates on their sponsored child, and can communicate with them via letters, photos and even videos. Our kids have enormous ambitions for their lives, and a determination to change the lives of others in their community. Sponsors get the opportunity to see a child grow up happily, with hope, thanks to their support and encouragement.

Meet Judy

Judy is sponsored  to be in secondary school, and wants to be a journalist! Here she shows you her home and family.



kids given the chance

to go to secondary school

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When I grow up I would like to be an accountant, and I know I am going to make it. Also one day, one time, I am going to be like you. I'll help the needy, orphans, aged people and others.

Janet, age 14

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