WHAT do we do?

We provide a free lunch to 170 children every school day. We give them big portions of healthy and nutritional food, bought from local farmers, including meat, beans, fruit and their favourite chapati!

Why do we do it?

For many of our children, their free school lunch is the only meal they eat. Without it children faint in class, have no energy to learn, and can miss school as they're sent onto the streets to search for food. Children also become ill, developing medical conditions their families can't afford to treat.

what impact do we have?

Our kids are growing so much healthier, and happier! They're achieving much better results in school because they can learn with all their energy and without worrying about their stomachs. They're less likely to be forced onto the streets or sexually exploited for food. And our children are never absent from school!

Families are able to save money for other essentials, and local farmers have increased income to support their families, because we buy so much food from them!

Since 2010, we have provided over 320,000 hot lunches to children in need.

The feeding programme has helped me in many ways. One is concentrating in class because when I was staying without anything to eat for lunch I did not concentrate. If it was not for you I would be hungry but you make sure that we don’t miss eating, even a single day.
— Alex, 14 years old.
The food makes us grow stronger and energetic. It tastes delicious every day of the week. I tell you, if you were the one eating that food you would ask for more. You are such angels.
— Agnes, 14 years old.