sponsor a child

Join our family of sponsors, and you will be matched up with a child who needs financial support to progress to secondary education — whether that's school, or vocational training. Your regular donations will help cover costs such as:

  • Tuition and exam fees.

  • School meals.

  • Boarding costs.

  • Books, uniform, hygiene and other equipment.

  • The wage and expenses of our social worker, who monitors the wellbeing of our sponsored children with love and kindness, providing counselling and advice to help them to overcome any challenges.

  • Our 'life skills' programme: every school holiday we organise sessions for our sponsored students to discuss issues they may be facing — including topics like sexual and reproductive health, drug and alcohol abuse, career advice, and stress management.

As a sponsor, you'll receive termly updates on your child, including photos, a letter, their school grades, and general news. If you like, you can write back, or send additional gifts — but this is totally optional!

It costs an average of £35 per month to cover the costs of one child through our programme, but you can contribute anything from £10 per month. Please click the button below to set-up your sponsorship — please remember to select ‘monthly’ donation. Thank you so much!

Grace and Margaret in a 'life skills' session.

Grace and Margaret in a 'life skills' session.

Jedidah at secondary school.

Jedidah at secondary school.